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    Filtering issue

    Scott Blaylock

      I'm having a problem getting a filter to work.  So I'm going break down and ask you guys.



      I created a floating trap for my web logs and I'm trying to filter out some data to make the file a bit more manageable.


      In table view, under Filter, I'm trying to create a filter that will filter "out" URLS that end in ".jpg" or ".gif".  I don't want to see those occurances.


      Field name is "Get-Address", Type = Character, Format = General


      I'm doing something wrong and it's driving me crazy, plus the file is over two million lines long it take awhile to process, so when I get back noting in the results I get a bit agitated.


      I'm using Monarch Pro v8.0


      Thanks guys,



        • Filtering issue
          RalphB _

          Hi Scott,


          Try using Right(Get-Address,3).NotIn.("jpg","gif").  That should do the trick.  If you want to exclude some other extensions, you just need to add them.



          • Filtering issue
            Scott Blaylock

            Thanks Ralph, I just applied the filter and it seems to be working great.  Never thought about using the Right expression.


            How are wild cards symbols like * and % used in a expression.  What I was doing previously was this.




            That didn't work and I'm just curious why.