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    Export Project

    tradewinds _

      I keep reading in all the documentation that you can save an Export Project in v7 that can create/append file from a table in Monarch. 

      I've created an Export Project that I'm trying to run from the command line and it will not append to any files. 


      Actual contents of my .prj file:


      mercury as30 ecapture2001R0073197.txt

      mercury as30modelsDaily Summary Report.mod


      ?Name=dsummary?Extension=mdb?Filter=?Sort=?Source=Table?File=D:dsummary.mdb?FileOption=Append?Table=Daily Charge Summary?TableOption=Append?


      I can see that the file contains export info, but I'm having no success in getting the export portion to work. 


      If I try just performing a normal export (not using Export Project), then I can append to files.  But I need the Project file to work, because I have thousands of files to work with here.

        • Export Project
          Steve Caiels



          You need V7 Professional edition.  The command line will be along the lines of.


          programmonarch projectsmyfile.prg /pxall


          You'll need to adjust the paths accordingly.  /pxall will run all project exports associated with the project.  /px followed by an individual project name will run a single project.