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    Ontiveros _

      I have two date fields:  Invoice Date and End Date.  These are both in the format m/d/yyyy.

      What I am trying to do is calculate how many times something is supposed to have been paid using these dates if using another field called Schedule, which can be a M (for Monthly) or A (for Anually). Below is an example of the report


      Ven ID-----Ven Name---Invoice Date---End Date-----Schedule 


      ABC Comp---12/8/2005---11/17/2006-----M



      Please excuse the formatting, there are no "-" between the data, I just wanted it to line up. Using the dates provided, there should have been only one payment made (12/8/2005) if the schedule calls for monthly payments. What would I use to calculate this in a calculated field?

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          Grant Perkins

          I don't recall if you have Version 8 but if you could have a look at the AGE function which might just offer a means to making the calculation work for your purposes here (assuming that odd numbers of days in months and years are not an issue!)


          Other wise I seem to recall seeing some very clever examples of similar calculations back in the archives of the forum. I will look for an opportunity to go trawling and post links to anything of interest that comes up.