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    Adjusting Traps

    Nick Osdale-Popa

      There was an update to our Unix system, which of course caused them to change layouts of the reports. So I was able to use the shifting features of Monarch 8. WooHoo!


      However, on one report, they actually added in a line between my traps. In essence, they made it easier to trap the data, but I didn't see an option shift a trap up or down a row  . I ultimately had to delete the original field and recreate it. So my question, is there a way to easily adjust traps vertically?

        • Adjusting Traps
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Nick,


          You may need to re-sample for the benefit of the model as well if there are extra lines introduced.


          I tend to use the 'Field List' quite a bit for shifting fields around in any direction. It can be much quicker if you know what values you need to set and on row shifts the values are usually more consistent and so easier to apply than the horizontal shifts tend to be.


          It's certainly a lot easier, imho, than deleting and re-adding a field.