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    Export from Monarch Pro to MS Access

    Jose _

      When exporting from Monarch Pro to MS Access I have two issues.  Firstly is it normal when exporting to MS access for all previous table, queries, forms and SQL Code to be deleted?  Lastly do you know why when exporting two models from the same report that each export overwrites the previous table created by the export i.e I only every have one table in the d'base when I should have two, one for each model.

        • Export from Monarch Pro to MS Access
          RalphB _



          It is not normal for Monarch to delete all tables, queries etc. unless you select to "Overwrite file" or "Overwrite existing table" when exporting your table or summary. Instead, select "Add data to file" to add data to an existing database and "Append to existing table" and select the appropriate table if you want to add data to a specific table.


          You don't mention it but if you are scripting these exports, check to see if you have the append flag set to "append to existing table" otherwise you will overwrite your existing tables.