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    Select text exceeds 64 lines

    gmc _

      Has anyone worked with very large input report items? I have report data that is down the page like this: 

      Name: John Doe

      Address: 123 anystreet



      The data is very long. When I select it, Monarch 7 says: "Selected Text exceeds 64 lines."


      Is there a way to increase the input size?



      Gary McCabe


        • Select text exceeds 64 lines
          Steve Caiels



          There is no way of increasing the number of lines in a template, but you should be able to take the bottom 64 lines as the detail, then add the missed lines above as an append template.  You can have up to 9 appends, giving a maximum of 640 lines!!! (plus the page header if you really need to).




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