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      • V8 calculated field difference from V7
        Bruce _

        There should not be a differnce in ver 7 and 8 on strings. I suspect that one (or more) of the varables in the equation are numeric and not text.


        However there is is a strip function in Monarch (not sure it was included in ver 7 or just 8)that might help you out.


        Here's a snippet from the help




        string is the string from which you wish to strip characters from and stripchars is the list of characters to strip out.  stripchars is case sensitive. /quoteUsing this might be a lot easier then your formulae if you just want to take the "-" out.


        Good luck


        • V8 calculated field difference from V7
          lklinstra _

          Thanks!  That was helpful.  I had some items defined as numeric and not character, so changing that fixed my formula and now it works. 


          I needed to to more than strip out the dashes, I needed to define one of the dashes to distinquish an SSN from a TIN.  (SSN has the dash in the fourth position, TIN has the dash in the third position.)