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    Page Break Blues

    keithdatawatch _

      I have a report that page breaks after 256 lines.

      The problem is the detail is comments so breaking on 250 lines or 252 lines doesn't change anything. It cuts right through the detail and then doesn't capture detail again until a patient # is seen again. So I am missing 1 line of data or 5 lines. I'm using Monarch 8.

      I'm using Monarch again after 8 year so alot could have changed since version 4 or maybe not.

      O it adds a space or blank line before it creates a footer

        • Page Break Blues
          Grant Perkins



          You can take control of where a page break occurs (unless you have a very unuslau report) by choosing something suitable in the report - like a page header section, and creating a Page Header template. The template needs to occur in the report more frequently than every 256 lines!


          Have a look at the help for Page Header and also try a search in the Forum for "page header" which will turn up a number of potentially useful threads (and will save me having to re-compose all the answers to find the one that suits your needs!      )


          Thinka of the page header template as an opportunity to put each record on the report onto its own page which cab be up to 256 line long.


          The Header template area can be the source of data fields (a typical append scenario) but is other wise 'invisible' so other templates just traet the lines as if they did not exist.