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    Combine Text File in V7

    Jim Miller

      I have an older version of Monarch 4.05.  I am trying to combine 20 text files of the the same report but different dates into one report and then print one large report.  I have tried in my current version but I am only getting 4 pages.  If I do a trap and go to table I can get all 20 pages.


      Will V7 make it possible to combine the text files.

        • Combine Text File in V7
          Grant Perkins



          A number of V4 users joining the forum - great, where have all you people been hiding?


          I don't recall precisely, but the information should be somewhere in the V4 help, whether there is a limit of less than 20 to the number of reports you can load at the same time. There is a limit but I don't think it was less than 20, (V8 is 1024)


          If you can see data from all 20 in the table then you don't really have a problem.


          If you are not combining the reports in any way other than printing them (presumably in sequence?) as a single report, then just create a template that will trap every line, make a single field on a single line as wide as the report and load the table.


          Make sure your table is set to use a fixed width font (Fixedsys for example) and you should see your reports displayed. You may want to define a page header to make some page breaks.


          Print/Export and that should be job done.


          Having said that if you need a good reason for upgrading to V7 - V8 even better! - then this may not be too helpful to you ...


          I would certainly recommend an upgrade - the potential and productivity available from the later version are, as you would expect, much greater than can be achieved with V4. Given how useful V4 was and is I am sure you can appreciate how much could be gained from the latest versions.






          • Combine Text File in V7
            Bruce _



            You can also combine the files using the old DOS command copy (not xcopy).


            I use this to combine 2 huge text files in Win XP pro, then use Monarch to view as one single file. I set up a simple batch file to take care of this housekeeping. An old trick from DOS 3, but still works with XP.


            Syntax is copy file1file2... Destination file.


            Hope this helps a bit.