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    Tracing/Locking Models

    Cyril Wong

      Is there a way to lock models created? Although I can place a text column that said (This Version Created 030711 By XXXXXX), it can be also be easily changed or deleted (or especially a calculated field which should not be deleted at all) by a user - for them to make modifications on etc. Once they are stuck - they could not tell me the version and that means they go back to square one and start all over again modifying.

        • Tracing/Locking Models
          Mark Huston

          Set your models to be read-only. In Windows Explorer, right-click on the model file. Choose Properties. On the General tab, check the "Read-Only" attribute. Alternately, under the Security tab, you can fine-tune your permissions.

          Users can still make changes to the model, but they can't save the changes to the same model name. They have to save it under a new file name.

          Consider a version number in the model file name, such as "Ledger_v2.1.mod".

          However unlikely, users determined to screw things up could go into Explorer and turn off the "Read-Only" attribute on the model. To prevent this, put critical models into a designated folder, then set the security levels of the folder under the folder properties.