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    Ontiveros _

      I have the following code attached to a command button in an MS Access database:


      Private Sub cmdImportDailyRecords_Click()


          Dim MonarchObj As Object

          Set MonarchObj = CreateObject("Monarch32")

          MonarchObj.SetProjectFile ("G:GROUPSEVERYONEReconMonarchProjectsUS Bank12602110.xprj")

          MonarchObj.ExportTable ("G:GROUPSEVERYONEReconUSBank12602110.csv")



          Set MonarchObj = Nothing


      Recently, I have added several project exports to the project. Does anyone know what would I need to add to this code in order to export all of project exports at once?

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          Data Kruncher



          Though I haven't tried it myself, assuming that all of your exports are defined, and you're using v8, it should be as straightforward as adding [font="courier"]  ExportSuccess = MonarchObj.RunAllExports()[/font][/quote]instead of  [font="courier"]  MonarchObj.ExportTable(...)[/font][/quote]Does this work for you?



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            Nick Osdale-Popa

            Be advised, though, that the RunAllExports() function is a V8 Pro[/i][/b] function only. For prior versions, you can use a loop to run all your exports.