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    Jessica Daw

      Does Monarch 6 Pro or Monarch 7 Pro compatible with extracting data from an Adobe Acrobat PDF? 



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          Grant Perkins

          Have a look  [url="http://www.datawatch.com/dataconversionsoftware/redwing.htm"]here[/url] .


          Note the SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS.


          Alternatively you could investigate cut and paste options but it does depend then on the necessity (or lack of) to retain the format of the original.


          Hope this helps.




            Originally posted by Jessica Daw:

          Does Monarch 6 Pro or Monarch 7 Pro compatible with extracting data from an Adobe Acrobat PDF? 


          Thanks! [/b][/quote]


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            Jessica Daw

            Thank you and Happy 4th! 

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              Dirk Schulze

              As a Redwing user a feel it necessary to warn you that Redwing is not a perfect solution for converting a PDF file to text format.  I am not by any means saying that Redwing does not work, only that it has limitations.  Usually it works just fine.  And it is EXTREMELY easy to use.  However, if your PDF file contains the following qualities please note that you may have some extra work cut out for you.


              If the layout of your document is consistent from page to page you should be fine with Redwing.  But if your document has numerous layout changes you will likely end up with a widely & inconsistently spaced text file.  For instance, I have a PDF file that consists of hundreds of pools each containing numerous loans.  In this file each pool has a report set containing between 6 and 8 reports, each with their own layout.  You get a report set for a pool which is followed by the report set for the following pool.  This can go on for well over a thousand pages.  It is a poorly constructed report, but that is how the report is generated.


              Also, if your PDF file contains half-characters your text file will usually be formatted poorly.  In the above mentioned file there are numerous places where the borrower's name is listed.  If the name is too long for the space allocated in the PDF file you will often times get only a portion of a letter.  In my experience Redwing does not recognize this half-character and has trouble formatting the text file correctly.


              Our typical work-around on this particular file is to create numerous models to pull information that, under normal circumstances, would only need one model.  This not a horrible solution, but you have to verify that you have not missed any information.  Unfortunately the floating trap isn't much help with this particular report.


              ALSO, Redwing only works with Adobe Acrobat 4.0, which is a fairly old version of Acrobat (this IS spelled out in the system requirements).  This caveat is extremely irritating.


              We have used Redwing for well over a year but I assume that these issues still exist in the current version of Redwing.  Unfortunately they are enough of an issue for us that we are evaluating other PDF converters (which I will not name here out of respect to Datawatch).


              I do believe that I have been fair in my criticisms of Redwing.  I hope I have not come across as an angry, bitter Redwing user, I'm not.  I am a devout Monarch user.  And, despite Redwing's flaws, I believe it is a good piece of software.  But it would be nice to see a download to fix some of it's problems.  So if the above items are not relevant to your PDF file I would definately recommend purchasing it.  However, if you are dealing with a PDF file containing similar formatting quirks please know that you MAY have some creative modeling ahead of you (I am currently using Monarch 6.0 Pro, 7.0 may make working with Redwing generated text files easier).


              Now that I have rambled on for far too long I would like to make one final statement.  PDF FILES DRIVE ME ABSOLUTELY CRAZY.  Why anyone would choose that format for large financial documents is beyond me.


              I'll be quiet now.

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                Jessica Daw

                Thank you for the insight!  It is very much appreciated and good luck with you reports!

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                  Mike Urbonas

                  An important additional note: the new Adobe Acrobat 6.0 will convert PDF into formatted HTML.  If that is the case, Monarch Pro can then be used to transform the formatted HTML into live data, with no intermediary PDF to text type of software necessary.


                  As those of you roll our Acrobat 6, please post here on Acrobat's PDF to HTML success...

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                    Scansoft has a great PDF to WORD conversion tool and its only $50.00.



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                      Data Kruncher

                      Hi everyone.


                      $50 is pretty cheap, but nothing beats free!    


                      If your pdf file is small enough to email, try  [url="http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/access_email.html"]Adobe's free conversion service[/url].


                      I requested a conversion on a Monarch newsletter pdf and in about two minutes the file was sent back to me as an HTML file!


                      You can also choose to receive a plain text file if you'd prefer.