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    Eliminate Final Total Information

    Kelly Snoke

      I am working on a report trying to get the data from the subtotal count line, but do not want the final count line, as it comes up on the last department.  The txt file has multiple departments with each having detailed data, at the end of each department the subtotal for that department is identified as  "COUNT    ##"  However, when I get to the end of the report, after the last department it gives me the subtotal count then gives the final total count, looking like this:


      COUNT     26


      COUNT    173

      ***E N D  O F  R E P O R T  ***


      I have created my template to include the Data for COUNT, however it also includes the Final Count due to the fact that the Count is the same.


      Is there anyway to eliminate this Final Total Count?  :confused:

        • Eliminate Final Total Information
          tcorley _

          Here is an idea


          Make a footer trap that includes

          FINAL TOTALS

          COUNT 173



          <TRAP ON> FINAL

          <Create a field using the second line> call it final_count


          Now make a normal detail trap on count


          In the table view hide final_count


          Hope this helps

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            Steve Caiels

            If the report really has the “**ENDOFREPORT** line after the Final totals count, then the following will work.


            1.     Create the Detail template as you have it.  As you say, this will give the total count as well.

            2.     Create an append template using the same sample and trap as you choose for the detail.  And highlight the count field again.  You will see all the counts highlighted once more.  Call the new field total for example

            3.     Double click on the field above and go to the advanced options.  Use a preceding string of ***.  When you preview, you should see that only the end or report line has a highlight.

            4.     Make sure the new field is character and you should end up with a table like this (from the example you gave)


            173  D

            The D is the text from the end of report line.  It doesn’t matter if it’s something else as long as that in the only row that has something in.

            5.     Create a filter using the expression IsBlank(totals)



            Alternatively, you may be able to cheat!!!  Your text says that the count line is identified as Count ## (.i.e. only two digits).  If this will always be the case, and your totals will always be over 100, you could use a filter of count<100.  A bit of a long shot but worth a mention.




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              Mike Urbonas

              Hi Kelly,


              In addition to the above suggestions, you can also try the following:


              1. First, I assume you are trapping the COUNT figures as your Detail template.

              2. Create an Append trap, using two lines, such as:


              FINAL TOTALS

              COUNT 173


              Use the second line for your trap (ie the word COUNT) and paint FINAL TOTALS as your append level field.  Call it COUNT INFO.


              3. In your Table view, create a filter as follows:

              COUNT INFO<>"FINAL TOTALS" to remove fron your table that last row of data with the final total count.


              Reply back and let me know if this works,