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    Questions on filtering dates

    Wendy _


      I'm having a problem with filtering for dates. I use a model that I created to transfer information from a report to a table. The model work fine.  I want to filter out all entries with certain dates ie: before 06/01/2003. In the filter, I put the column <, I tried other format of yyyymmdd but it did not work. 

      1) I use this report for other models as well. the issue above is only for this model. I did not have a problem with other models. I'm confused. Did I miss something?

      2) Is there a short cut that I can use to automatically change the date every time i use the model? Currently, I manual change the dates in the filter in the model.


      Thanks, Wendy

        • Questions on filtering dates
          Mike Urbonas

          Hi Wendy,


          1. All I can think of is make sure the Residual Date field really is a Date field, not a character field.  Your filter formula should work, as well as {06/01/03} or {06/01/2003}.


          2. Yes, there is a shortcut for Monarch V6 or V7: Create a Runtime Parameter calculated field, date format.  This will create a user prompt to enter a new date.  In the Monarch table, go to Data - Calculated Fields, click on New, and specify you want a Runtime Parameter.  Be sure to specify this will be a Date field.  You can also specify to have the Runtime Parameter prompt the user each time the model file is opened.


          In your example, suppose you create a Runtime Parameter to prompt the user for a new date, called New Date.  You could then permanently set your filter as follows, and not have to manually edit it again:


          <[New Date]


          Hope this helps

          Mike Urbonas



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