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    Exportorting Tables

    JoeB _

      I am having a problem with an export from Monarch and an import into Brio Explorer.  I have exported a summery of financial data from Monarch v6 to excel.  The data is fine when I use it in excel.  I checked the numbers and the totals tie out to the original source data.  However, I do not like the excel pivot table and would like to use this data in Brio Explorer and this is where I am running into difficulty.  For some reason Brio does not recognize all of the data when I import an excel table that I created from Monarch.  The strange part is that it is not an entire field that it does not recognize but only certain records in the various fields.  The result is a data set that looks like swiss cheese.  I have imported tables into Brio from excel many times without any problems.  However, this is the first time that I have created a table in Monarch exported it to excel and then tried to import it into Brio.  I did try exporting the summary as a delimited text file from Monarch and then importing it into Brio but I had the same problem.


      This is probably a Brio issue but I wanted to check here first to see if there is something that I am not doing right when exporting out of Monarch.  Any suggestions?

        • Exportorting Tables
          Mike Urbonas

          Joe, does your Monarch Summary contain any date fields?  Some issue relating to dates exported from the summary have been noted, but no problems with seemingly random numeric values being ignored...


          If the Excel file exported by Monarch appears completely valid when opened in Excel, or the delimited file you created appears valid when looking at it using, say, Notepad or Excel, it is probably a Brio-specific issue.  Check your Brio product specifications, and if necessary, show your Brio contact the Monarch-created Excel or delimited file you are trying to import into Brio.




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