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    Converting Zulu date/time to Local (+9 hours)

    Robi _

      I know I'm going to slap myself, because this is probably an easy answer, but how do I add hours to a date time?  My reports contains Zulu date/times and I have to convert to a local date/time (+ 9 hours). I tried all extractions and calculations I know, and though I can extract the hour as a numerical and just add the 9 hours it doesn't change the date to the correct date (when required).


      Sample of my report below:


      Flight__Dur._Take Off Date/Time__Landing Date/Time

      966____1.4__2005/06/25 03:09____2005/06/25 04:34


      Any help will be GREATLY appreciated, if you had a hammer to the head icon, I'd use it.


      Scott Robinson

        • Converting Zulu date/time to Local (+9 hours)
          Grant Perkins



          Various approaches for this I suspect but you could try adding the time as a decimal or fraction of a day. For this you need to use the entire data and time values as a single Date and Time field - and the version of Monarch that you have may be a bit of a problem if it is rather old. If you can define a field with Date and Time field propertieds you should be OK.


          So for precisely 9 hours it would be the + (9/24) .


          For hours and minutes make the calculation for decimal or fractional minutes in a day. Etc.


          There are probably more full proof ways but this may do for you purpose.






          • Converting Zulu date/time to Local (+9 hours)
            RQSRobi _

            Thank you!!!  Mr. Perkins, that works PERFECTLY!!!


            Scott Robinson