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    Trapping multiple lines

    John _

      I'm trying to trap the data listed beyond the "REFERENCES:" section, to include the URL listed below "B". Thus far, I've only been able to trap up to the letter "n" in section "B". Any suggestions? The references section of this report typically spans 1-20 lines.


      2. REFERENCES: (some links may be word wrapped)


      A. Microsoft Security Bulletin MS02-023



      B. Network Operations Support



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        • Trapping multiple lines
          Michael Jul Hansen

          Well, what I would do would be to make a simple trap looking for 'Ã.ß' (an alpha followed by a '.' and then a blank) and then pick the line just below it - should be simple enough, but would need to see your report to make sure it works

          • Trapping multiple lines
            Michael Jul Hansen

            Oops, forgot to mention that if you have word wrap like this in your report which believe you said you had, then doubleclick the field reference, and click 'options' and state that the field ends at 'end of left justification'. This way you will get the entire reference no matter how many wraps it contains