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    Export to Excel  Jet DB error 3125

    Rick _

      I export to Excel all the time. Today I got an error that "xxxx" is not a valid name.  


      I searched the knowledge base.  It said to install an updated version of the jet driver.  I did that and I still  receive the same error.


      Your help and assistance is appreciated.




        • Export to Excel  Jet DB error 3125
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Rick,


          Did you check the Monarch or Microsoft Knowledge Base?  Or both perhaps?


          I can find a number of referencs in the MS KB using the 'not a valid name' search string but not much using the error code. In fact nothing that seems to related to Jet by using the error code.


          A not allowed field or table name format suggests itself as a simple check. Beyond that mat require some intuitive guessing.


          Sorry I can't offer more.