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    Deleting Data

    Jamie _

      Mondarch V8

      I have created an overview of information for visa statements, but in the summary window Monarch combine two entries into one and creates a total amount for both entires. How do I get it to seperate those entires?


      Also, I have created seperate summaries for each visa statment in the same summary window and it is only showing the one entry, it does not even show the two entires.


      I have made sure that I am not supressing any values and am not sure what do it at this point.

        • Deleting Data
          Grant Perkins



          Are you saying that if you drill down to the lowest level you have defined (the lowest key field) you still do not get the detail split?


          If so then you either need another level based on another field or you have entries which will always combine in a summary - i.e. duplicates or identical - unless you find an-ther way of separately identifying them.


          For example, recurring regular amounts might be presented like that - but not if they were registered on different dates in different months AND you included the date information as one of the summary definition key fields.


          It's a little difficult to be more explicit about how to approach the problem without some further information about the source of the data within the statement and the sorts of fields being used for the analysis.





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            Jamie _

            04 NOV PROMISS*TESTING CNTRS         89.00

            04 NOV PROMISS*TESTING CNTRS         89.00

            (This is in the report window)


            04 NOV PROMISS*TESTING CNTRS          178.00

            (This is in the summary window for the overview summary)


            PROMISS*TESTING CNTRS                   89.00

            (This is in the summary window of the individual person)


            So, it is taking the two 89.00 transactions and combining them into one, then it is not even creating two seperate entries, just the one. Does that make sense?

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              Grant Perkins

              OK, in the first example, at the level of summary defined or drilled to, it finds t2 identical records and adds them together as a summary should.


              If we are talking Visa statements, and based on your second bit of information, I would say that you have two people each of whom has an identical transaction record.


              The key level you are at in the example does not include the person identifier so the two values are added together because they have the same code or description (or whatever the key level is.)


              If you add the person code at the next level it would split the values. I am of course assuming that there is a person code to use since you make reference to a summary by person as the second problem.


              Now if these transactions of for the same person and there are no other fields in play which may separate them it would indeed be confusing. But I am guessing there are more fields in use here than is evident from the information provided. Have you got the report loaded twice for the same person for example?


              If it is not that then there must something else in the summary definition, probably at the field level or something to do with the measures, that is being more selective than you expect.


              Sorry about the guesses but it's that sort of problem I'm afraid.