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    Slow VB Export

    Becky _

      This is a continuation of NETTIET's post . . .


      What used to be Monarch exports taking "seconds", are now taking up to 100x longer!


      We have done several different tests, and it seems that the slowness is related to new PCs with Pentium IV processors.  Even when we upgraded Microsoft's sp3 service pak.


      Has anyone else seen the problem?  Have any ideas? 


      We're currently on Monarch 5.01.

        • Slow VB Export
          Gareth Horton

          I have a P4 machine with W2K SP3 and am experiencing no problems with the exporting performance.


          Maybe you should get in touch with tech support to discuss the issues in detail



          • Slow VB Export
            Becky _

            Are you exporting to you hard drive? or a network drive?  If it's a network drive, than I don't understand the differences.


            My next shot will be to contact Tech support.