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    Data Pump Problems

    Scott Johnson

      I am having problems running a batch file through Data Pump.  When I go into the process and manually execute the program it works fine, when I set the program up to run at a specified time, the batch file does not run, or does not run correctly and update the files that it is working with.  Basically what I have is four or five files that come across the network drive each day.  I pull information from the files and store that in an excel spreadsheet and then I run a batch file that takes all of the files, combines them, appends them onto another text file so that I have an archive of all the files.  I was running exactly the same program with Monarch and DP 4 but I have just upgraded to Monarch 6.1 and the compatible Datapump and the files no longer work.  I had a little bit of difficulties before since I was working between a network drive and my local drive, but it had been working previously for about 14 months prior to the upgrade.  Any help would be appreciated.