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    Monarch Tip: Viewing the Monarch Object Model

    Nick Osdale-Popa

      This should be helpful for all the VB programmers, be it VBScript, VB, or VBA:

      /size[list=1][*]Start up Microsoft Excel

         /size[list=a][/size][]If no worksheet is visible, select File|New|Workbook[/b][/size][/list][]Select Tools|Macro|Visual Basic Editor[/b] or press ALT-F11[/b][/size][]Once in the editor, select Tool|References…[/b][/size][]Click on the Browse…[/b] button in the References window

         /size[list=a][]Navigate to Programs FilesMonarchProgram[/b][/size][]Select the file: monarch.tlb[/b] and click the Open[/b] button[/size][/list][/size][]Click OK[/b] in the References window[/size][]Select View|Object Browser[/b] or press F2[/b][/size][]In the Object Browser window, click on the top drop-down box that displays <All Libraries>[/b][/size][]Click on the name MONARCHLib[/b][/size][]In the Classes[/b] (Left) frame of the window, select Monarch[/b][/size][]In the Members of ‘Monarch’[/b] (right) frame of the window, you will see a list of all properties and methods(functions) of the Monarch application[/size][/list]

      Note: JetExportSummary and JetExportTable both have the same description. JetExportTable should read as: Exports data from Table to file using Jet Engine.[/b]


      The [url="http://www.datawatch.com/pdf/products/monarch/Monarch_6_Programmers_Guide.pdf"]Monarch Programmer's Guide[/url] mentions a lot (but not all) of these properties of Monarch.


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