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    JoeB _

      I am using Monarch V6 Pro on a XP PC with Excel 2002.  I would like to run a Monarch .prj file from excel and export and replace a table in an existing excel file using the  JetExportSummary method.  Unfortunately, I keep getting this error message


      “Compile error: Expected:=”


      when I type the line


      MonarchObj.JetExportSummary ("C:DataTest

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          Stephen Reid

          Hi Joe,


          This is a stab in the dark to be honest with you as I don't have pro and therefore cant use Jet Export, but try this:



          Dim openfile, t As Boolean


          Dim openfile, t, exportfile As Boolean



          MonarchObj.JetExportSummary ("C:DataTest 2BlueBook.xls","Acres",0)


          exportfile = MonarchObj.JetExportSummary ("C:DataTest 2BlueBook.xls","Acres",0)


          Hope this helps  smile.gif[/img] 


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            JoeB _

            Thanks Stephen


            Your suggestion worked perfectly.  Jet Export is a powerful feature that will save my company a lot of time in the future.


            Thanks again for your help.