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    Expfileopt command needed for overwrite?

    TomS _

      There is a new command in Monarch 8.0 - "Expfileopt" which is a new.  I was previously using Monarch 5.0 commands in BAT files and this command did not exist.  When I was exporting projects in batch in 5.0, the exported file always used the overwrite option, which is what I wanted.  I am questioning whether the /Expfileopt:overwrite option even needs to be specified in a BAT file command.  I am re-writing my 5.0 commands to 8.0 commands and it doesn't seem to be needed, since my testing shows that it overwrites the file even if you leave this command out.  Can someone confirm that this is the case and that overwrite is the default?  I know that you have to specify it if you are doing it manually from within Monarch.  This just pertains to automated BAT files.