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    Version 8 Exporting to Access

    kn3call1 _

      I've been using Monarch v7 Pro for about 6 months and recently upgraded to v8.0 Pro. I feel a need to thank someone for the addition  of /expfileopt:, /exptable:, and /exptableopt:.

      I work with very large Ascii files from telephone switches and while Monarch v7.0 was definitely a good tool to use v8.0 is now a permanent fixture.

      I typically have a single .log file with 8 associated model files. Using v7 Pro I was loading 8 times and exporting 8 times.


      Now using the command line switches in a batch file I can set one log file as the rpt file and generate 8 exports to 8 separate Access database tables - all from one batch file.


      I haven't even looked at the PDF capability yet..


      Life is good...


      Thank You,


      Craig Allen