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    Monarch Pro vs Data Pump

    smkruser _

      Investigating the products for purchase. I will need to be able to pull data from 70 plus reports that are in the same format and layout and merge them into a database and I would like feedback on which is the best product to get to do this

        • Monarch Pro vs Data Pump
          Steve Caiels


          They will both do the job. 


          Monarch will require a user to:-

          Launch Monarch

          Open up the 70 report files

          Apply the Model

          Go to the correct Window

          Perform the Export

          Close Monarch

          Tidy up the original report files


          Monarch can be controlled with batch files using Autoscript or OLE automation, but they require quite a bit of setting up and are not likely to be as flexible or easily maintained as Datapump.


          Once setup, DataPump will the require the user to:-

          Do nothing!!!!

          Datapump will run in the background and monitor an inbox.  When a report arrives, it will apply the correct model, and append the new data onto the end of your existing database, then move the original report(s) to another location or delete them.  DP can be set to do this almost as soon as the report turns up, or once every x hours.

          It should be a totaly hands of operation.





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