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    Using Templates

    CH _

      I'm using monarch V6 standard and I've created some templates for one model and need the same templates for another model that I'm working on.  Is there anyway that I can access the templates from the first model to use with my second model?  :confused:

        • Using Templates
          Steve Caiels

          Not easily, but the models are text files that can be edited with notepad.


          Are the models for the same reports?  If so, then in theory you could copy the templates from one model to another using notepad.


          If the reports are different then this is unlikely to work..


          And, as always, make sure you have a backup of your model.




          • Using Templates
            Mark Huston

            Open the new report, then open the model you created for the earlier report. Edit the templates to fit the new report. Then save the model under a new model name. I've used this technique to retain my append templates. I just delete the detail template and create a new detail template. That way I don't have to re-create the header templates.