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    Multiline templates across page breaks

    mpschein _

      I have both detail and append templates that are 3 lines long.  I must be forgetting one of the basics of setting up fields in these templates -- how do I successfully capture e.g. lines 2 and 3 on the template if line 1 is the last line on a page followed by many blank lines, a page break, a page header, and the repeated column headings?


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        • Multiline templates across page breaks
          mpschein _

          Found my own solution, partly thanks to re-reading LindaP's solution from 8/22.


          I'm not sure if I was doing something wrong, but if I just select from the first line of the header (where the page number is) down to the row of dashes above the first line of detail info on a page, it wasn't working because of all the blank lines above it, a total of 6 until it hit the detail on the previous page.  The trick for me to get it to work was to include the 6 blank lines above the page number, and make the trap line = line 7.


          Then the only remaining problem was that the first page wasn't being captured, so I used a text editor and added 6 blank lines.  Not very elegant, but it worked.


          At this point I assume that I wasn't doing something wrong, but the problem lay with my horrible medical billing program that places blank lines at the top of a printed report.  Or was I doing something else wrong?