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    Questions on upgrading network version from 6 to 8

    Josh _



      We currently run the Monarch 6 network version and plan on upgrading to version 8. 


      We would like to test version 8 to make sure all of our programs from 6 still work.  Is it possible to install 8 but keep an instance of 6 running in case we encounter any problems?  If not, is it possible to run the 6 client against the 8 server?


      Also, will our programs that use Autoscrp need to be rewritten (I heard that autoscrp went away), or does version 8 still provide backwards compatability for that? 


      Thanks in advance!

        • Questions on upgrading network version from 6 to 8
          Bruce _



          I have never used a network version, but the standard version had no problems updating. You can run both versions without too many problems.


          You can keep using autoscript with version 8, but move over to a straight batch file when you get the chance. Autoscript was designed to stop the batch files from running every command at the same time in Win ME and lower.