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    Monarh 8 - Importing PDF

    Xcel _

      When I import the file the spacing is off and there are these 'A's added in varous places along the left margin.


      Help !!!

        • Monarh 8 - Importing PDF
          Grant Perkins

          Hello Xcel and welcome to the forum.


          The PDF import option has a number of adjustments available if the default assessment does not seem to completely suit you needs. What effect do those have on your document?


          What sort of document are you dealing with here? Is it perhaps a pdf version of a 'legacy' type report, something produced from a report generator or directly from a database application (in the widest sense of the word 'database') or something mode like a word processed or desktop publishing program?


          Finally do you know which of the many pdf writer programs or utilities were used to create the file you need to work with?


          PDF files can be very variable in their internal structure. All of the above factors, and maybe some others, are potentially important to obtaining the best possible result.