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    Why are there no 3rd Party books?

    Nick Osdale-Popa

      I would love to see a comprehensive book that included mocked-up reports and models detailing all of the capabilities of Monarch.  The book could even be called Monarch Voodoo!

        • Why are there no 3rd Party books?
          Neal makely

          I asked about 3rd party books a while back and was told that Monarch apparently doesn't have a big enough user base to justify it.  Maybe so, but it certainly seems like a solid book would sell.

          • Why are there no 3rd Party books?
            Grant Perkins

            I have thought about this on and off for some time.


            Ignoring the commercial aspects (think number of licences sold versus the number of active members of the forum ...) I have tried to imagine what such a publication should and could offer.


            Unless the author plagiarised the Monarch Training guide and the internal Help files and, perhaps, 'borrowed' the content of some of the User Conference presentations, how could they realistically create a publication with broader and all new content?


            And how would the content be grouped?


            By problem input type - reports, edi, databases, pdf, AS400, etc.?


            Or by application - Oracle Financials, Lawson, JD Edwards, SAP, etc.?


            Or by report structure perhaps, or content type.


            How about by business type - Banking, Medical, Industrial, Retail, Service, Real Estate, Legal. Military, Government, ...


            It might be interesting to look at the issues raised in this forum and try to 'keyword' the entries to see if that uncovers any specifically useful groups of subjects. But absent that perhaps the forum users could come up with some suggestions about what sort of topic titles we would like to see docuemtned to complement the Training Guide and internal Help files.


            In fact if we are really talking about Voodoo type solutions for reports (or perhaps problems) from hell, we could set up a Voodoo Solutions thread and ask for contributions. Providing suitable cleansed reports might be a time consuming problem and also having somewhere to post them and allow downloading, but I would imagine that could be resolved if there was great enough interest.


            What do we think?


            What would be the motivation for people to document their problem and its solution (beyond the current forum format) and for others to browse the entries seeking a solution to their own problems or even just looking around for new ideas to learn and apply, perhaps, at some future point?