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    Duplicates Won't Go Away

    Deborah99C _

      Hi!  I was wondering if anyone can help with a duplicates issue.  I have a field set up, derived from an append template, type is character, and I have chosen to leave empty cells blank.  However, when I click over to table view, all the cells that should be blanks are filled with duplicates.  I am using Monarch Pro V8, by the way.





        • Duplicates Won't Go Away
          DavidS _

          Hello Deborah,


          When you define an append template, the fields in that template apply to all detail records after the template, until the next instance of the append template is encountered; they don't just apply to the first detail record after the append template.


          Can you post a sample of the report you are dealing with? perhaps one of the gurus who frequent this board can give you other ideas as to how to handle your situation.





          • Duplicates Won't Go Away
            RalphB _

            Hi Deborah and welcome to the forum.


            Unfortunately, David is right about tables.  However, if you use the summary tab, you can suppress duplicate values.  Just set up the summary like you want your table and set up the fields you want to suppress as key fields. Monarch suppresses duplicates from left to right.



            Hope this helps.

            • Duplicates Won't Go Away
              Deborah99C _

              Thank you DavidS and RalphB!  That summary is a charm, all right.  I appreciate your help!