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    Comma delimited file

    Grasshopper _

      Is there any way to export a Monarch file into a true comma delimited text file?

        • Comma delimited file
          Tom Strachan

          Try this -


          From your Table View (or Summary View) click on File, select Export, then use the "Next" button to go to the second screen. Where you specify the file name to create, append .csv to the end of the file name.


          for example


          c:Program FilesMonarchExportsmyfile.csv


          If you open the newly created file in Notepad you'll see that the commas are present.


          Hope that helps.

          • Comma delimited file
            Data Kruncher

            Hello Grasshopper! Long time no hear!


            Today's lesson (            ) involves first selecting the Files of Type: Delimited Text in your Export Table file naming dialog box, then specifying a .csv file extension.


            I used v9 Pro to test this. Sorry I don't have v8 installed now, so YMMV.





            Edit: Beat to the punch twice in one day...