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    Doing Math with summary data

    JOHN61 _

      First time ever using a forum so please bare with me in case I make no sense:


      My data source has sales on one line and cost on another so I create a summary to show impact of each transaction on one line showing the reference number, sale amount and gross profit.  Easy enough.  However, I want to take the gross profit number and divide into the sales number to get a gross profit percentage.  Is there anyway to do this type of math in the summary.  Currently I export the summary to an excel file then open another project working with the summary data instead of the table date and it works fine but is an extra step.


      Using V9.01.





        • Doing Math with summary data
          Data Kruncher

          Hi John, and welcome to the forum!


          You can create custom calculations in a summary by adding another measure then double-clicking the field in the measures list. Activate the Calculation tab, then click the Edit button.


          Set your calculation to:

          [font="courier"]SUM(GrossProfit)/SUM(Sales)  /font[/quote]Change the Display Settings from Default to Custom, and set the format to Percentage. Set one or two decimal places if you'd like.


          Now go back to the General tab and uncheck the "Use default title" box, and set the name to something like "Gross Profit %". Click the OK buttons to get back to your summary.




          • Doing Math with summary data
            JOHN61 _

            Thank You!  It worked perfectly and will be a huge help.