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    Oli _

      I have a script ptoblem. I try to use the autoscript via a batch file with Monarch Pro 8 and Windows XP. But the batch-script isn’t working successfully:


      I use the projectfile: 123.xprj

      This file works for its own perfect.



      Content of my batchscript

      "W:......123.xprj" /prj:

      /exp:  "W:...345.xls" /t


      How can I make a script, which is working in this way ?


      What command do I have to use, when I’d like to export a special summary window in a special file (with overwrite or append option).


      Kind Regards


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          Bruce _



          Are you using the commands from version 6 in version 8?


          In version 7 & 8 they added some new commands and naming the table and using overwrite/ append is new.


          Look on the help under Chapter 9.


          In your case I think you you to change

          "W:......123.xprj" /prj:

          /exp: "W:...345.xls" /t"



          Monarch /prj:"W:......123.xprj"

          /exp: "W:...345.xls" /expfileopt:[option]


          were option is either "overwrite", "add", or "skip".  If you have version 8 PRO, you can also use /exptable:[Tablename], were table name is the name of the sheet in Excel, or the table name if you used access. These commands can be in any order in the command line, and should have quotes around ant file names with spaces.


          Let us know how you make out.





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