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    RE: Datawatch|ES 4.1.2 Administrator "Database Error"

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      Hope this is the correct Forum to post this.

      The past few days I have been experencing the follow error during the automated processing of reports.

      "A problem was detected while processing a request

      The problem may be due to user input error, Datawatch|ES Admin or communications error, or an internal Datawatch|ES Admin error"

      I process about 1200 - 1800 reports daily.

      I have about 30 processes that run automatically every morning starting at 7:00a.

      Sometime during the processing I get the above error.

      I you do not know the error has happened until I look in my "Inbox", see that not all of the reports had processed, go back to the Administrator, and click on one of the processes to manually process it.

      Then the error actually shows up.

      It will correct itsself after a few seconds, but the process that it happens on "Suspends" itself, and the processes set to run after that cancel themselves, and do not run.

      Does anyone ever get this?