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    Address labels

    blazzercat _

      I am trying to extract the addresses from a report and export it in a format that will work with Avery to make address labels.


      I am using Monarch Pro V9. When I export it the address fields are in separate columns. Avery needs the fields to be together and end up in a MS Word type format.


      Anyone have experience with that?



        • Address labels
          Grant Perkins

          Hi blazzercat and welcome to the forum.


          I may have missed something in the facilities available but I would expect to make use of Monarch to extract the address information to either a text or Excel or Access database file.


          Then use MS Word mail merge facilities to take the information from the Monarch generated file, choosing the appropriate Avery format as required, to generate the label document suitable for the labels you will be using and create a Word file.


          Do Avery offer other options that you wish to use?






          • Address labels
            blazzercat _

            Exporting to Excel and then using the Word mail merge feature worked great.


            Thanks for the insights.