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    Template based on vertical position

    slbmis _

      Is it possible to create a template based on vertical position?


      I have an address block which appears in the same vertical and horizontal locations but there is no standard delimiter that I could use to trap it (unlike the simple example in the Learning Guide).


      How can I set a trap to pick up the four address lines which appear in my report?

        • Template based on vertical position
          Tom Whiteside

          Hi, slbmis!


          Take what I say with a grain of salt, since I can't see your situation, but it sounds like you have a non-trappable set of four lines that begin (for example) five columns from the left and five lines from the top, and end (for example) six columns from the left and eight lines from the top.


          If this is remotely like your report structure, paint a one column wide template that fully covers your address block width.  Without a trapping character, you will have a solid shaded column throughout your report.  If you have named your field "AddressTxt," then make a calculated Address field that looks like:


          If(Line().In.(5,6,7,8), , " ")


          This "If-Then" should return only the content for your desired fields, from each page.


          With only a little more work, you can concatenate your four lines for each address together.


          If you have a front or a back page with header or summary information that replaces your address fields, you can use calculated fields to exclude the unwanted info.  This part would be better for a private communication, as it can get messy.


          Hope this works for you, and hope someone else can come up with something more simple and more elegant!


          Tom Whiteside


          • Template based on vertical position
            Tom2 _

            It would appear that the newly designed "Postal Trap" may help you in this situation.  Please see Version 5 Learning Guide page 68 for a postal code example. 


            Of course I am assuming your address will conform to one of those highlighted in help file when searching on "country".