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    Date Time Fields

    sikle _

      Greetings (1st Post),


      I have a report field that is DateTime such as "05/07/2002 12:00AM".


      If I list this as a date field (General,yyyymmdd) in the Report, when I move to the Table I get a Null value.  Assuming it can't parse this format.


      I want to export the field as "yyyymmdd".


      So, I'm forced to list it as a character datafield.  I can split the Date from the Time with LSplit, but can't figure out a way to convert the resulting character field to a date field.


      Any ideas on how to deal with DateTime fields ?




        • Date Time Fields
          Tom Whiteside

          Hi, CPK!


          I work with Oracle Financials 11i, and run into difficult date situations frequently.


          If your split-off date character field is named, e.g., "Txt_Date", then try using the character-to-date function:




          The default return format for this function is "yyyymmdd", which is what you want.  If you need another date format returned, you can use any of the following three (the " " are required):






          If this doesn't work for you, please feel free to send me a private message, and we can hash this out in more detail, without using up bulletin board room.


          Good luck!     


          Tom Whiteside