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    ODBC Question...

    Guy Chowning

      I am use 8.0 Pro

      I am having an unusual occurence when connecting via ODBC. The problem I am encountering has do do with the number of decimal places. For example the value 37.32 which is the value in the file I am looking returns the value of 37.3 when connectiang via Monarch.


      I am positive the valid value is 37.32 as when I conncect using either MS Excel or MS Access the returned value is 37.32 I have also verivied it thru a unix utility.


      Any help or guidance would be very much welcome.

        • ODBC Question...
          Grant Perkins

          Hello Guy,


          The symptom as reported suggests that the field displaying the value is either defined as requiring only one decimal place or just maybe the displayed width is not the full width of the field somehow but that would seem a bit strange since I would have though it would drop most significant rather than least significant digits (but I don't claim recent exposure to that sort of problem so could be wrong there.)


          Is this an ODBC connection to a table or view undertaken for the first time or is there an existing model being applied?


          If there is an existing model then that would need to be checked to ascertain the definitions for the field in question (and maybe the other fields as well?)


          If there is no model involved at the point that the problem becomes visible it may be necessary to look at the data definitions behind the ODBC connection or the way in which import analysis process is interpreting the data it is seeing.


          Exactly what you need to do to investigate there may depend on what the data source is and how it is provided with an ODBC connection.


          I hope this helps in some way.