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    Extracting an Address Block

    Daniel _

      The Learning Guide gives only one example of extracting an Address Block from a report.  My report is formatted differently than the one used in the tutorial and I am having trouble getting the addresses extracted.  Rather than the Name/Address info appearing above the transaction details, the info appears to the left of the transactions.  Some of the addresses consist of 3 lines, some are 4, some are just names.  I thought the advanced field options would help in capturing these addresses (changing Type to "memo" and Ending on Blank Field Value "1") but it is not working.  The initial table that resulted put each line of the address in a separate row, as if each address line was recognized as a seperate field and not an extension of the name.   I then tried trapping the client name only (not the address as well) before altering the advanced field properties, but this only captured the name.  Here is the basic format of my report:


      CLIENT NAME          CLIENT ACCT#          DATE      TRANSACTION A

      ADDRESS                                              DATE      TRANSACTION B


      CLIENT NAME          CLIENT ACCT#          DATE      TRANSACTION C

                                                                  DATE      TRANSACTION D


      CLIENT NAME          CLIENT ACCT#          DATE      TRANSACTION D




      I apologize if this is too little or too convoluted to go on, but any help is appreciated.  Is there other examples of address capturing that I can turn to for inspiration?