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    Question about upgrading fromV7 to V8???

    Jeff Layton

      Back in late fall of 2003 my company upgraded from Monarch Version 6 to Version 7.  The transition was supposed to be seamless and for all intensive purposes it was.  We did run in to a few snags.  For example…


      I had created a .mod file in version 6 to track aging and turnaround times.  The formula in the calculated field looked like this:


      [font="courier"]IF(days<8,"A 0-7",IF(days<15,"B 8-14",IF(days<22,"C 15-21",IF(days<31,"D 22-30",IF(days<61,"E 31-60","F 61+")))))[/font][/quote]It worked fine in version 6.  However, when I opened the same .mod using the same report in version 7, my summary looked completely different.  Naturally I was a bit concerned so I called Data Watch.  A very helpful Technical Support Rep. Named Rose Cavaretta helped me.  After explaining to her the issue I was encountering, she responded with the following assessment in an email dated 11/10/2003:


      From: Rose Cavaretta 11/10/2003 03:16 PM

      To: Jeffrey Layton


      Subject: RE:




      Please review the attached modified model.  The problem you are having is due to the null values.  In your agebucket field you do not have a test for when the date is null or missing.  You have nested if statements that check for several different periods then dump the rest in over 61 days.  These null values do not belong in any of the previous ranges so it gets dumped in the over 61 days.   I would say that version 6 did not handle this correctly but version 7 is.[/b]   What I did was add another if statement to test for null, then dump the rest in over 61.  Please review the attached model and let me know if you have any questions.



      Rose Cavaretta

      Datawatch Technical Support


      She proposed using a formula that looked more like this:


      [font="courier"] IF(days<8,"A 0-7",IF(days<15,"B 8-14",IF(days<22,"C 15-21",IF(days<31,"D 22-30",IF(days<61,"E 31-60",IF(IsNull(days), "null", "F 61+")))))) /font[/quote]Needless to say it worked and I've been using this test for when there is a null or missing value ever since,…  This does not change the fact that there was indeed a, significant enough to us, difference between Version 6 and Version 7.  Moreover, the difference was not understood until stumbed upon.  This leads me to my main question to one and all.


      Has anyone run in to anything like this after upgrading from Version 7 to Version 8?…  We are looking in to upgrading to Version 8 now and I'd appreciate the opportunity to understand from those who have already upgraded to V-8,….  What, if any, challenges have you encountered as a result of the upgrade?  If none, great!  I'd be interested in knowing that too.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank You,

      Jeffrey M. Layton


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        • Question about upgrading fromV7 to V8???
          debijo _

          I have not encountered any models that I created in V7 that did not work in V8.  I have about 150 models I use on a farily regular basis.


          I like 8....    smile.gif[/img]


          Good luck,


          • Question about upgrading fromV7 to V8???
            Grant Perkins

            Hi Jeff,


            One thing to remember is that V8 now only uses .xmod files and NOT .mod  .


            If you have V7 everywhere this should not be a problem (other than the usual caveats about using features for new versions and running them in older versions) but it is probably worth planning to convert the models and double check any scripted or programmed automations you may be using.


            Other than that I would expect your upgrade to be surprise free! (Except for the new features you will have to play with of course    :cool:  )