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    Calculated Summary Field

    Chris Conner

      Can you create a calculated field in a summary?  For example, I would like to divide two subtotaled amounts.  I am running Monarch Pro v5 and cannot figure out how to do this.  Is this a feature of the newer v6?



        • Calculated Summary Field
          Dee Moore

          Many of you may not know that you can bring a numeric field into the Summary Field Window more than once. A field may be brought in and calculated in 10 different ways.


          Your results may be produced using the Ratio option.


          For example:


          The two Summaryfields are "Quantity" and "Amount". They are being SubTotaled on a value change of a Keyfield, "Department".

          You would now like to divide the "Amount" by the "Quantity" to arrive at a price for each item per Department.


          Edit your Summary Definition, bring the "Amount" field into the Summaryfield box again (by Default this field will be calculated by Average). Double click to bring up the Properties. Uncheck the Use Dafault Title box and name the field "Each" (or whatever you like). Click on the Calculation Tab and choose the Ratio option, in the drop down choose the "Quantity" field. OK on all windows.


          This will create a new field displaying the results of amount of each item per Department as well as a result for the SubTotaled amounts for each Department.


          I hope this is helpful,


          • Calculated Summary Field
            Chris Conner

            That's exactly what I needed.  Thank you, Dee.