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    Monarch Pro v9 and importing PDF file data

    cengster _

      I am using Monarch Pro v9 and imported a pdf v7.0 file created by my accounting software. It pulls in the data however when I bring the data into a monarch table, it does not bring over the negative sign that is in front of my numbers. Example, a -1000 comes into the monarch table as 1000. Never had this problem before but then again, never had the negative sign in front of the numbers. It almost seems like monarch is treating the negative sign as a character.


      Any suggestions?

        • Monarch Pro v9 and importing PDF file data
          Data Kruncher

          Hi Chris, and welcome.


          PDF files often pose some interesting challenges, but I haven't seen this one mentioned before. There are a couple of things I'd look at, and based on that, a possible solution comes to mind.


          First, and I know it seems obvious, but have you ensured that your fields are wide enough to pick up the leading minus sign? I've seen some reports where the minus sign is nowhere near the value. Like 10 posititons or more away.


          If however you can indeed see that it's included (grey shaded), and is a Numeric field, and is still showing in the Table as a positive value, that would be really odd.


          In that case, I'd define it as a Character field, and use a few functions to properly convert that string into the correct value. Provided, of course, that you could see the leading minus in your Character field in the Table. If you still don't see it as a Character field, then perhaps someone with more PDF experience will chime in with better advice.


          Does any of this apply? Do you need help with the functions?



          • Monarch Pro v9 and importing PDF file data
            cengster _

            Thanks Kruncher. Unfortunately, I have modified the column widths and it didn't resolve the issue. To the best of my knowledge, the column in question is setup as numeric. I went as far as selecting a row that has a negative value for my template. When I bring the data into a table, the column header shows the negative sign but the actual data excludes the negative. Is it possible to send you the pdf file and monarch file for your review and testing?


            I am somewhat of a novice user of Monarch. Know how to create basic templates and simple functions. Will need some assistance with advanced features.