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    Reports come out misaligned

    MESQ _

      Well my Co-worker just received a new pc and now the reports come out skewed.. The reports are generated for our AS400 and when he opens the report in monarch they come out misaligned..I would give a example but I can't give out patient's information....Any ideas ...Thanks

        • Reports come out misaligned
          Grant Perkins

          Hi Mesq,


          Is there anything different about the files on the AS400? Or the way they are being downloaded from the AS400 to the PC?


          Apart from something like the opaerating system, is there anything different about the PC or Monarch related software installed?


          I assume from what you write that the same reports (no changes?) have been available before and have worked. The reports have not been changed in any way?


          Do the reports look correctly aligned if you view them with a different application? For example and editor.


          In what way are the reports misaligned? Has data shifted left, or right or a mixture of both for example?


          Does a report look wrong before a model is applied or dea the alignement problem only become obvious when the model is applied?


          Can you tell us which version of Monarch you are using? Is it a network installation or stand alone?


          Have you tried chamnging the display fonts to see it is makes any difference to the way the report looks?


          Was there any preprocessing run on the report by the old machine which may not be running on the new machine? (How is the process actioned - manual election of report, then model and so on or by clicking a shortcut and running a batch process? Or some other way?


          I hope these questions will help in some way to identify what has changed.


          Let us know what you think.