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    Choose 'starts with' same letter in Summary

    jmcandr _

      Help! I currently have Monarch v8, but will be installing v9 within the next few weeks.  I have a report that has about 100 different codes, either starting with R or C. I want to choose only the codes starting with C, without having to manually choose the selected codes in the summary. Is there any way I could use a formula (like I would in Crystal Reports) that would tell Monarch to choose only the fields beginning with C?


      My second question is: when I install the new v9, will my models from v8 still work the same as they do now (without any re-trapping)?


      Thanks for any help with this. There are only 3 people left at the company I work for that know anything at all about Monarch, and I'm considered the most knowledgeable in it. Obviously, that's a really sad statement. Yet, all the managers want their reports created in Monarch. Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.  



        • Choose 'starts with' same letter in Summary
          Nick Osdale-Popa

          You can create your filters in the Table window as so:


          Filter Name: C-Codes

          Filter: Left(,1)="C"


          Filter Name: R-Codes

          Filter: Left(,1)="R"


          Then in your summary, you can use these filters. Edit your summary and then select the General Tab. There's an option called Apply Filter that will list the fields available for use from the Table window.


          V9 is backwards compatible with V8 models. You should have no problems using your models in V9.