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    Monarch V7 - AutoScript

    kc _

      We have recently upgraded one of our employees to Monarch 7.0.  We run a variety of reports through a batch file that export to excel.  Nothing fancy, just report + model -> excel file.  In versions previous to 7.0 (I use 6.01) the batch file runs flawless.  The new version does not export correctly - once we start the script, it loads the report and model, then freezes at the table view prior to the export.  If we close that instance, the next report in the sequence will open up and freeze on the export.  We can continue to close each file until the script has run through, but none of the excel files are being updated.


      Are there any glaring differences in script writing that we need to be aware of with the newer versions of Monarch?  Are there settings that need to be changed within the program itself.


      Thanks in advance for your help.

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          Grant Perkins

          Hi kc,


          Has anything else changed on the user's PC? DO they have access permission to the folder in which the export file is to be created?


          A couple of suggestions from trawling the archives:


          1. Check out the V7 help files for the revised commands available for batch files and maybe try one or two of them in a direct .bat file if you are running a suitable operatind system (Win2k, XP for example).


          2. A rather obscure problem but there has been one diagnosis where the problem was found to be an invalid summary definition which was ignored in version 4 but failed in V7. You may not be using summaries and this may not relate at all but as it is unusual I thought I would mention it.


          3. Check the Options Table for your Export and clipboard parameters and version of Excel selected  - you have probably done that already?


          Are you using Excel formatting? If the output is very large it can take some time. Worth checking the latest updates for the MS JetExport engine are installed.


          Other than that maybe see what if anything comes up in the log file - See LogOperations in the help for more information.


          Sorry to be vague but I hope these suggestion provide a useful prompt somehow.




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            RalphB _


            When I upgraded from V6 Pro to V7 Pro, I had a similar problem when exporting large files out to Excel.  When I exported large files to excel, >20000 lines, the machine would seem to stop.  I had no problems with small exports.     


            I contacted Datawatch with the problem and found out that there was a problem with the Excel Formatting Exporting function in Monarch V7.0.  Datawatch fixed the problem with the V7.02 update.  


            Download and install the update and everything should work fine.


            For a quick workaround, you can turn off the excel formatting option in Monarch and your exports should run fine although your excel spreadsheets won't be formatted.  We had to do that until they put out the update.



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              kc _

              I'm curious if they may have had the wrong version of Monarch...They do not seem to be V7 Pro...Would/Could this be a factor?

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                Grant Perkins

                Originally posted by kc:

                I'm curious if they may have had the wrong version of Monarch...They do not seem to be V7 Pro...Would/Could this be a factor? /b[/quote]If the V6 models use an external lookup (I.E. they are Pro functional) I guess there could be a problem but I would have expected a message I think.


                It might be easier to explain why a V7 developed script might not work with V6!


                Still may be worth suggesting that V7 Pro - and the latest release downloaded from the Datawatch web site - would be a good 'investment'.


                Or maybe even go for V8 now?  




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                  debijo _

                  The command line syntax changed from V7 to V8.  What does the command look like that you are running?


                  I do what you are talking about all the time with V7 with no problems.