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    Do You Have Any Visual Basic Examples?

    KevinFIS _

      Can anyone send me some good beefy samples & examples of VB code using Monarch Properties & Methods? (Yes, sometimes it's easier to pirate rather than program).


      Just registered as a new member ... and just started using OLE automation & Visual Basic to automate getting Monarch data into MS Excel.


      I've downloaded the "Programmers Guide", but it does not contain many examples. I've also started surfing this forum which has some great information.





        • Do You Have Any Visual Basic Examples?
          Data Kruncher

          Hi Kevin,


          You'll find that there are a number of code samples already posted on the forum. Try searching for "dim" and "object" in one search, or specific methods like SetReportFile, SetModelFile, or JetExportTable.


          Nick Osdale-Popa has often posted great programming solutions. Occasionally I get one right. Of course there've been many others who have contributed as well.


          If you get stuck on something or other, post your problem and we'll all do our best to assist.


          Since you're in Florida, you may want to attend the User Conference next month. One of the scheduled guest presentations will be a session on Automating Monarch.