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    Cannont Open File

    MorseB _

      When saving model how do you fix -


      Cannot open file





      Cannot oepn file.


      This error message is displayed when a file named n a project file is no longer found.  This error message will also be displayed if you are choosing a file from Monarch's MRU list and this file is not found.  This file may be on a drive that you do not currently have access to, or may have been deleted.



      I do not even know how to save something as a project.


      This model is fine when I save it to my personal drive on the server or to hard drive.


      What do I need to do to fix this?


      Please help.



        • Cannont Open File
          Grant Perkins



          This looks like a normal 'Cannot open file' message and suggests that the file that cannot be opened is on drive Q: which, presumably. is somewhere on your network.


          Some possibilities.


          1. Your workstation does not have a map to drive Q: or, if it does, your Q: drive is not the same as the Q: drive originally referred to.


          Solution:  Either map you drive Q to the drive referenced OR browse you network for the correct file on the corret drive and use that.


          2. There have been some changes to you network and the file is not longer on drive Q:, has been moved somewhere else on drive Q: or drive Q: no longer exists having been renamed or something.


          3. Everything is still around but some other change in the network has meant it s no longer available to you. Access permissions and user rights would be the favourite suspect.


          For either 2 or 3 you probably need to talk to people in your IT support and find out, in the forst instance, if this is likely. Have they been doing any upgrades or tightening network security recently for example?


          If you draw a blank with those we may need to think again.


          FWIW  can recommend spending a little while to check out Monarch Projects - a very useful feature which can be easily used after about 5 minutes reading.


          I hope this helps.