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    Donny Stogsdill

      I am running version 5 pro.  I'm trying to write a VB script to open multiple files, apply a model and then export the table to an excel document.  The problem I'm having is when i run the script it errors out when creating the COM object.  Heres the line of code:

      Set MonarchObj = CreateObject("Monarch32")


      Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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          Data Kruncher

          Hi Donny,


          Odds are that you've done this already, but in addition to your Set statement, you should  [font="courier"]Dim MonarchObj as Object  /font[/quote]and, what's likely missing now, set a reference to the Monarch object library in your project.




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            Donny Stogsdill

            Thanks for the reply.  When i dim the variable as an object it errors out.  Here's the code I have:


            Private Sub Monarch_Load()

            Dim MonarchObj

            Dim openfile, openmod

            Dim t

            Set MonarchObj = CreateObject("Monarch32")

            t = MonarchObj.SetLogFile("C:     mpmonarch.log")

            openfile = MonarchObj.SetReportFile("Z:invval_04_18_07INVVALs18.txt")

            If openfile = True Then

                 Openmod = MonarchObj.SetModelFile("J:Inventory Valuation ReportMonarch Modelinvval_model.mod")

                      If openmod = True Then

                           MonarchObj.ExportTable("C:     mp     est.xls")

                      End If

            End If



            End Sub


            This is basically verbatim from the Programmers guide except It doesnt allow me to declare the variables as an object or boolean.

            Any thoughts?

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              Nick Osdale-Popa

              You have two commands that don't have fully qualified parameters.


              Change your code:[quote][font="courier"]t = MonarchObj.SetLogFile("C:     mpmonarch.log")

              openfile = MonarchObj.SetReportFile("Z:invval_04_18_07INVVALs18.txt")[/font][/quote]To

              [font="courier"]t = MonarchObj.SetLogFile("C:     mpmonarch.log", False)

              openfile = MonarchObj.SetReportFile("Z:invval_04_18_07INVVALs18.txt", False)[/font][/quote]For SetLogFile:

              True = new messages are appended to the log file

              False = the previous contents of the log file are deleted


              For SetReportFile:

              True = the report is added to the list of open reports

              False = all other reports are closed before opening the new report.



              Everything else should work just fine.


              FYI: For a decent VBScript editor/debugger, take a look at [url="http://www.vbsedit.com/"]VBSEdit[/url]


              You are correct, VBScript doesn't allow you to declare the TYPE of variables, you can only DIM them.


              Hope that helps!

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                Donny Stogsdill


                That fixed it.  Thanks very much for your help.

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                  Nick Osdale-Popa



                  Glad to help out.   smile.gif[/img]